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  • Raidy Boer and Fortune Global 500 Meet at 2013 Fortune Global Forum
    DATE: 2013-05-31    BY: admin    HITS: 8936

          From June 6, 2013 to June 8, 2013, 2013 Fortune Global Forum attracting worldwide attention was held in Chengdu with important leaders from Sichuan Provincial People's G...

  • New Force  New Achievement  China Young Clothing Entrepreneurs Salon 2013 Convened at Raidy Boer HQ
    DATE: 2013-05-31    BY: admin    HITS: 5878

           On April 13, 2013, led by Wang Zhuo, Secretary General of China National Garment Association (CNGA), CNGA leaders, leaders from China Fashion Association (CFA), me...

  • Mingxi Store as A Fashion Leader Originates Fashionable Life of Northern Chengdu
    DATE: 2013-02-05    BY: admin    HITS: 4025

           Chengdu, January 18, 2013 — Fashionable life cannot do without shopping and entertainment which can only be carried out in large-sized stores. The Qingbaijiang Di...

  • 2013 Spring and Summer Training Session of Raidy Boer Fashion Institute
    DATE: 2013-02-05    BY: admin    HITS: 3949

    2013 Spring and Summer Training Session of Raidy Boer Fashion Institute In the venue of Yixing          On March 10, 2013, Chen Zhi, Wei Jingjing, Qiu Jianfeng ...

  • Business Trip of Raidy Boer Elite Team to Europe
    DATE: 2013-02-05    BY: admin    HITS: 3733

           Knowledge has such power as to bring wealth and beauty to you.         "Crazy for Books" is taken as the theme of the 83th...

  • The 20th CPM Moscow International Fashion Fair
    DATE: 2013-02-05    BY: admin    HITS: 4470

            As the second largest fashion fair for finished garments in Europe, the 20th CPM Fashion Fair kicks off on Feb. 26, 2013 in Moscow.    &...

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